‘Writing, writing everywhere’ was the theme for the 2017 CLeaR Teaching & Learning Symposium.

Each year the symposium provides University of Auckland teaching staff with an opportunity to share their experiences, ideas and innovations in teaching.

The event this year asked: what counts as good writing for your university, your discipline or workplace, your students… and you?

Attendees were inspired to write more confidently, elegantly, passionately, productively, collaboratively… or simply more – and to teach others how to do the same.

Together the symposium contributors covered a range of suggestions for managing the teaching and learning experience, focused on the central theme of ‘writing, writing everywhere.’

Audience members were captivated by 2015 National Teaching Excellence Award Winner Dr Marie McEntree with her keynote presentation ‘Science Communication: The Key to Unlock Complexity for Understanding.’

And the day was bookended by a final keynote delivered by Professor Helen Sword, Director of CLeaR. Sword inspired the crowd with her thoughts on ‘Writing (and teaching writing) with pleasure.’

In between were presentations from CLeaR’s 2017 Fellows who looked at developing creative and critical writing in their own academic work, as well as helping students improve their writing through practice.

In the middle of the day, the symposium attendees were invited to peruse visual presentations by recipients of the 2017 Schuler Educational Enhancement and Development (SEED) Fund grants for innovation in teaching. Each of the two dozen projects explored teaching, learning about and experimenting with writing across a range of disciplines.

A selection of presentations and interviews with presenters can be viewed below.

Slides from Dr Marie McEntree’s keynote presentation ‘Science Communication: The Key to Unlock Complexity for Understanding.’

Slides from Professor Helen Sword’s presentation thoughts on ‘Writing (and teaching writing) with pleasure.’

CLeaR 2017 Fellow – Caroline Yoon

Caroline’s presentation

CLeaR 2017 Fellow – Esther Fitzpatrick

Esther’s presentation

CLeaR 2017 Fellow – Alys Longley

Alys’ presentation

CLeaR 2017 Fellow – Jenny Mendieta Aguilar

Jenny’s presentation

CLeaR 2017 Fellow – Rosemary Wette

Rosemary’s presentation

CLeaR 2017 Fellow – Shireen Junpath

Shireen’s presentation

CLeaR 2017 Fellow – Anuj Bhargava

Anuj’s presentation

2017 SEED grant recipient – Katrina Phillips


2017 SEED grant recipient – Neil Matheson


2017 SEED grant recipient – Damon Ellis
2017 SEED grant recipient – Tanisha Jowsey

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