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“Weaving knowledge, weaving words” event

“Feeling the word” event

“Working title” event

2017 CLeaR Teaching and Learning Symposium

What does Maths have in common with Writing? (2017 CLeaR Fellow Caroline Yoon)

Take one coffee bean! Imaginative writing in scholarly inquiry (2017 CLeaR Fellow Esther Fitzpatrick)

“Smudge Skittle:” resources for creative practice research and writing (2017 CLeaR Fellow Alys Longley)

“1-2-3 Lit Review!” – Online resource for undergrad students (2017 CLeaR Fellow Anuj Bhargava)

Common, discipline-specific elements of proficient student writing (2017 CLeaR Fellow Rosemary Wette)

Student experiences with online writing tools: Grammarly, Lextutor, Academic Phrasebank (2017 CLeaR Fellow Shireen Junpath)

New to university and struggling with writing? “write@uni” resource will help! (2017 CLeaR Fellow Jenny Mendieta)

“Engaging the students!” (2017 SEED Grant recipient Katrina Phillips)

“An online compilation of student academic writing” (2017 SEED Grant recipient Neil Matheson)

“Who did what, where and when? Now in Technicolour!” (CLeaR Learning Designer Damon Ellis)

“Collected works of hearts and art” (2017 SEED Grant recipient Tanisha Jowsey)

“You never know what we’re going to be doing!” (A group interview with CLeaR Fellows Esther Fitzpatrick, Caroline Yoon and Alys Longley)

“Student experiences with online writing tools” (An interview with 2017 CLeaR Fellow Shireen Junpath)

“What is proficient academic writing?” (An interview with 2017 CLeaR Fellow Rosemary Wette)

“Are online writing resources relevant and useful?” (An interview with 2017 CLeaR Fellow Jenny Mendieta)

“1-2-3: Lit Review!” (An interview with 2017 CLeaR Fellow Anuj Bhargava)

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