Student-led journal of cross-disciplinary writing io, in conjunction with Centre for Research and Learning in Higher Education (CLeaR), invites you and your students to take part in an exciting online writing experiment on writing that will take place over the period of five days (6 June-10 June). Participants will be invited to contribute to the working title document regularly, irregularly, just once, or just as observers.


5-7pm, 6 June (opening event)

Panel discussion with Evija Trofimova & Stephen Turner

Food & drink


5-7pm, 10 June (closing event)

Live document reading

Food & drink


George Fraser Gallery (25a Princes Street, Auckland)

Download the event Flyer

For more information contact io publication (

Location: George Fraser Gallery.

Dates: On June 6, 2017 and June 10, 2017 at 5:00 pm

The event is organised in collaboration with CLeaR and its ‘Writing, writing everywhere’ initiative.

To read our reflection on the event, visit the event’s blog page.
To learn more about the project from its authors, read this blog post.
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